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small handbook about school warfare..., aborted revolution. . for outdated teachers, apathetic schoolchildren, depressive parents, ... and swishing authorities.  

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1.   As Pierre Van Bergen wrote it in the preface, "Therefore, should this book be seen as a bottle thrown to sea by shipwrecked victims, with the hope that the message will be picked up, with tracks conserved for the future, and, who knows, that the adventure will one day continue?”. I took possession of this book as one cradles memories discovered in an attic. It contained both memories of my life and of the others’, sometimes known, sometimes ignored. To find them there again in that cache, to rediscover them where the authors set them was very moving. It is probably also for this emotion that it would be good to read this book. But beyond a bittersweet feeling, the cache should be open, the packets unwrapped, to find the treasures. In-between all the pages of the book hang, like threads, tracks to explore, combine, repossess, redeploy more strongly, farther or otherwise...

Danièle Liétaer. CONVERGENCES n0 24. Bulletin of the official teaching dialogue center.

2.  Every year, during Spring break and Summer vacations, they’d set off with their families and motivated students to Belgium and abroad (Corsica, Sardinia, Liguria, ...), to apply and practice the educational concepts inspired by the works of Ovide Decroly, Francisco Ferrer, Célestin Freinet, Isabelle Gatti de Gamond, Alexander Sutherland Neill in the field ... These parascolar camps were magic places where the young learned to appreciate freedom by choosing themselves the theme and the method they’d use to put in practice the knowledge acquired during the school year (entomology, caving, archeology, anthropology, sociology, etc). In 1969, the Athénée of Ixelles was one of 11 schools in which renovated teaching methods were pioneered. Parascolar organizers, together with student parents, became the instrumental force of this experience, instigated and supported - at least at the beginning - by the Education Ministry, and they plunged into it body and soul.

Georges Garcia. Mensuel RÉFLEXIONS. Institut E. Vandervelde No. 12, p 34.  (A former student at the Athénée of Ixelles).

3.  In three hundred thirty pages of analyses, documents, interviews, a group - defining itself as mostly made of more or less revolutionary progressive, laic, sixties nostalgics - undertakes the “narration of a attempt to share the power - if not to size it - in order to renovate school education from inside.” Let's note in summary that the work wants to be an objective report and that it is so most often. However, one can deplore that the partisan “enthusiasm” of the authors sometimes muzzled their critical mind. In spite of some reserves the work, very instructive, should be read; with nostalgia or with anxiety, according to the situation.

Jules Louis. ESPACE DE LIBERTÉS n0 250, p 23.


4.  One says the political and the judicial world need to be reshaped, the army and police reorganized, church questioned… But how much room do we leave for school, this institution that should be facing the moving problems of a society in perpetual change? Should School endure, be submissive? Or must it fight, dismiss itself? Does the political world forget that School can generate the best and the worst?...

 RTBF 1 broadcast “C 'est vous qui le dites”. Interview of Jacqueline Decorte, May 97.


R.T.B.F. Matin Première





Décembre 1996 - n0 24

10.000 exemplaires


POINTS DE VUES: SOCIÉTÉ (Mensuel de réflexions Socialism, Fevrier ’97)

  Bruxelles, le 21 FEV. 1997

 Gouvernement de la Communauté française


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