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Traducteur indépendant anglais<=>français<=espagnol spécialisé dans le domaine médical et pharmaceutique (médecine humaine et vétérinaire, appareils médicaux, étiquetage, biologie, patentes, études cliniques, ophtalmologie, etc.) et de grande expérience dans les domaines juridiques (patente, contrat, procès, etc.),  technique/scientifiques (chimie, biologie, informatique, automobile, électronique, robots, ingénierie, etc.) et du loisirs/cinéma (sous-titres, vidéos,  films, doublage, etc.)

Grands projets récents:

Some large projects completed over the last 5 years:


  • NESS H200 Hand Rehabilitation System Clinician’s Guide (27,000 words)
  • Accuray CyberKnife (>50,000 words)
  • Eli Lily: BYETTA: Providing your Patients with type 2 diabetes sustained glycaemic control and progressive weight loss (4,000 words)
  • Lilly Oncology (5,000 words)
  • AMBRILIA BIOPHARMA France (3,500 words)
  • Young Mania Rating Scale – [YMRS] (1,200 words)
  • Systèmes dentaires KODAK et Carestream Health, Inc. (9,000 words)
  • Varian Medical Systems device user's guide; (3,000 words)
  • Roche: serologic bioassays;  (25,000 words)
  • Bio/Data Corporation: diagnostic assays; 15,000 words)
  • AXCAN PHARMA Porfimère sodique pour injection lors de thérapie photodynamique; (2,500 words)
  • Stryker Orthopaedics Procedure for Acceptance Activities; Total hip joint replacement prostheses for cementless & cemented applications (>30,000 words)
  • Duke University, NIEHS, Nabi Pharmaceuticals, ongoing clinical research consent forms and surveys translations (for several departments); (>50,000 words)
  • KCI USA, Inc. Vaccum healing device (;
  • Mentor Medical Systems, Breast reconstruction (;
  • Dade-Berhing, Radioimmunoassays (;
  • Comité d’experts spécialisé Nutrition humaine de l’Afssa: Risques et bénéfices pour la santé des acides gras trans apportés par les aliments - Recommandations Avril 2005; AlphaSphereoccular implants;
  • Hilco glass frames;
  • AlphaCor synthetic corneal replacement;
  • Radionics: MRI and CT-scan high technology device;
  • CNRS-UMR, Institut Gustave-Roussy Institut de Recherches Servier, translation/proofing of scientific papers;
  • Ducray Dermatological Laboratories scientific review of product;
  • US Marine Corps lecture slides on safety and first aid (PowerPoint);
  • Ophtlamological robotic device; several medical patents (orthopedic, radiology, molecular engineering); phytopharmacology; Radiology software;
  • FHI, INTRAH, iPAS, International Services Assistance Fund family planning in West Africa;

·         Transcription and translation of medical records for law suites (Viox, …);



·      Patent that relates to the fields of oncology, genetics and molecular biology (identification, on human chromosome 10, of a tumor suppressor gene); Composition cosmétique ou pharmaceutique contenant des microsphères de polymères ou de corps gras chargées d'au moins un produit actif

·      The present invention relates to the fields of oncology, genetics and molecular biology

·      Création d’anticorps réactifs à partir du ts10q23.3

·      Expandable intervertebral spacer

·      Preparation of a gelled aqueous composition by means of microbial acidification

·      Hernial plate with non permanent deploying organ

·      Gynecological sterilization device

·      Procédé de fabrication de lentilles de contact multi-focales pour presbytes et lentilles de contact obtenues par ce procédé

·      Method for preparing sustained-release pharmaceutical pills

·      Solid delivery form for oral use

·      System for filtering and removing viruses from water supply sources

·      New sulfated polysaccharides, procedure for their preparation and utilization as drugs

·      The invention relates to the identification, on human chromosome 10, of a tumor suppressor gene.

·      Expandable intervertebral spacer

·      Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition containing polymer or fat microspheres loaded with at least one active product.


·      Device for preventing cardiac failures (patent opposition)

·      Polymeric depilatory composition with controlled use temperature setting

·      Vaccinium macrocarpon-based medical and nutritional compositions

·      This invention concerns a prosthesis to perform a tibio-tarsal arthroplasty with double effect for compensating, at the ankle level, the sub-astragalus and tibio-tarsal articulation ankylosis (national registration no.:  73 08525 France)

·      CLAIMS 1. -Specific monoclonal IL-1Α and - antibodies, resulting from the immunization of mammals


·      Chemical constitution and pharmacological action of a new neuroleptic tricyclic group

·      The present invention relates to a novel process for preparing a gelled aqueous composition, which process employs a gel-forming globular protein such as whey protein, ovalbumin or soy protein.

·      The present invention relates to fabric softener compositions having enhanced storage stability

·      The present invention relates to liquid acidic limescale removal compositions packaged in a spray-type dispenser

·      The present invention relates to methods and compositions for determining the extent of binding of a moiety, such as a biomolecule, to a surface, or dissociation of the moiety from the surface, where the local environment at the surface has a pH or surface potential which is altered upon binding of the moiety.

·      The invention concerns fuel cells with electrolytes affixed under the form of thin layer and to fuel cell batteries including several of these cells linked in series.

·      The present invention relates to methods and compositions for determining the extent of binding of a moiety, such as a biomolecule, to a surface, or dissociation of the moiety from the surface, where the local environment at the surface has a pH or surface potential which is altered upon binding of the moiety

·      The present invention relates to water disinfecting systems, especially to those for swimming pools, whirlpool baths (sometimes called "Jacuzzi" and hereinafter referred to as SPA) and hot tubs

·      Composition including at least one nucleic acid and one cationic polymer of general formula (I)

·      The present invention concerns phtalocyanine-based pigmentary compositions

·      Method for obtaining polyurethane- and pigment-based preparations.

·      Bituminous products, the mixture thereof with aggregates and the use thereof

·      Process to manufacture a bituminous coated material

·      Composition containing one opacifying or pearlescent agent and at least two fatty alcohols

·      Process for fractioning a butanol and acetone aqueous solution

·      Preparation of dry compositions soluble in the presence of water and avoiding maillard reaction in dry state and uses

·      Manufacturing process for mixing polyphenylene oxide and diene rubber powders

·      New compositions based on taxane class derivatives

·      Method for determining a gas compositional origin from carbon material thermal degradation

·      Composition with acid anhydride functions and its application as polyester and/or epoxy resin crosslinking agent

·      Mould bottom for thermoplastic container manufacturing mould, and moulding device equipped with at least one mould provided with such bottom

·      Using hyaluronic acid or at least one of its salts for presbyopia surgical treatment

·      Method for synthesizing a virtual image by beam launching


·      Device for tridimensional positioning of any two pieces, specifically of two parts of a bone, and enabling modification of said positioning

·      Device for handling corrosive chemicals

·      New compositions based on taxane class derivatives (letter to patent commissioner)

·      Process and device for obtaining extemporaneous mixtures, and the mixtures so obtained

·      Detection of binding of charges species using pH or potential sensitive probes

·      Thin-film fuel cells

·      A method for determining binding of a species at a surface having a local environment at a given pH or surface potential, wherein said binding is effective to alter said pH or potential (claims)

·      The present invention relates to water disinfecting systems, especially to those for swimming pools, whirlpool baths (sometimes called "Jacuzzi" and hereinafter referred to as SPA) and hot tubs

·      Composition including at least one nucleic acid and one cationic polymer of general formula (I) (claims)

·      Phtalocyanine-based pigmentary compositions

·      Method for obtaining polyurethane- and pigment-based preparations

·      Food composition

·      Fourrages



·      shutter device and flange therefore

·      This invention concerns a multi-functions solar parasol

·      On-line processing procedure for redirecting mail or consignments,

·      Method for applying a magnetic material onto a disk and disk obtained through the method

·      Thin wall, cup shape, packing container

·      Process for drilling of a bore and machine thereof

·      Free weights with rotating load and stationary dead weight.

·      Machine to mount snap fasteners or similar articles

·      Packaging in a semi-rigid material for a pack of bottles

·      Techniques for using descriptive data structures (patent opposition)

·      Advances for pump rotors, motors, compressors, fans, meters and other similar devices

·      Quantum well optical device and method of realization

·      Front device for fastening a turbojet engine to an aircraft fixing strut

·      Label incorporating an rf anti-theft antenna and a uhf rfid transponder

·      Method for certifying and subsequently authenticating original paper or digital documents for the constitution of evidence

·      Manufacture process for wood waste-based composite products

·      Device for filtering the water of a swimming pool

·      Transmitter-receiver system with programmable addressing of the receiver by the transmitter

·      Navigation aid device having a distributed network architecture based on the internet

·      Opposition to European Patent EP 1 356 260 of ATL, INC. by ATEQ Corporation

·      Aircraft pressurized floor

·      Device for detecting and correcting balance anomalies in a patient

·      Coffee machine under pressure for making espresso coffee

·      Turbojet for aircraft 

·      Device with shutter winding about a drum

·      Multi-functions solar parasol

·      On-line processing procedure for redirecting mail or consignments (claims)

·      Method for applying a magnetic material onto a disk and disk obtained thereof


  • On going requests for court orders, petition filing, summons, contracts, etc. for companies in Canada, France, USA (Statement of defense, Amendment Statement, Summary findings and in reply, etc). Swiss Civil Code And Labor Code Annotated Sixth edition updated. Legal opinion on the ownership of patents. Activity Report. Document translation for INS filing.
  • Modalités d'attribution et de suivi des conventions industrielles de formation par la recherche – CIFRE (French ministry of scientific education and research)
  • Accuray CyberKnife purchase agreements as well as training manuals, and service agreements for institutions in several European countries.
  • Code de conduite de la Société GTECH
  • Geneva court of justice: Eli Lilly (Suisse) SA vs. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals SA
  • Commercial Court of NAMUR: PHARMADEAL corporation vs. WYETH PHARMACEUTICALS corporation

·         Research Agreement  Between Association Midi-Pyrénées Santé And Eli Lilly And Company

  • Publication of decree n°2008-109 of February 5, 2008 relative to insecticides and acaricides, dietary food intended for special medical purposes, and raw material for pharmaceutical use, and modifying the code of public health
  • High Court of Justice of Paris : KLEIN-BECKER vs. ALLERGAN Inc
  • SWISS CIVIL CODE and LABOR CODE ANNOTATED  Sixth edition updated Introduction by jean Gauthier Honorary Professor at the University of Lausanne
  • on patents ownership regarding the push-button control device for watch developed by M. Finazzi for the count of the company Les Monts SA / The British Masters SA
  • 1996 ACTIVITY REPORT High Co Group
  • KYOTY,Tractor and attachment limited warranty 

Scientific articles

  • Observation of excitonic states at room temperature in InGaAs/InP type quantum well semiconductors (Applications) Revue Phys. Appl. 22 (1987) 1239-1251
  • Hypertension intracrânienne aiguë probable après prise de minocycline chez le nourrisson (Troisièmes Journées Françaises de Pharmacovigilance 12-13 novembre 1981.)
  • Chemical constitution and pharmacological action of a new neuroleptic tricyclic group (Chimie Thérapeutique, Nov-Dec 1967, N9.6)
  • PHARMA-CLINICS HOW DO I TREAT... idiopathic hyper-hydrosis (Rev. Med. Liège: 54 : 11: 846-849)
  • Chemical MSDS;  



  • Public Works and Government Services Canada Engineering Assets Strategy (>500,000 words)
  • Pilot Instructor manual: Large project for the Canadian gov concerning the actual training of pilot and pilot instructor. In the Canadian air force (over 250K words).
  • Biofuel: Analyses de Cycle de Vie appliquées aux biocarburants de première génération consommés en France Février 2010 Etude réalisée pour le compte de l’Agence de l’environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie, du Ministère de l’Ecologie, de l’Energie, du Développement Durable et de la Mer, du Ministère de l’Alimentation, de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche, et de France Agrimer par BIO Intelligence Service. (>50,000 words)
  • Aéroports de Paris CDG Tender for renovation/expansion constructions (architecture);  (>50,000 words)
  • Aéroports de Paris Bagage screening machines manuals (100k words).
  • operating manuals; computer hardware; robots;


·         Translations of video interview music idols: Faith Hill, Tom Petty, Josh Groban, Alanis Mosrissette, Barenaked Ladies, Hot Red Chili Peppers;

·         Translations of movie trailers: Four Feathers, Abandon, Hunt for Red October, Clear Present danger, Patriot, Canyon, Murphy's war, Paris brûle-t-il?, How to loose a guy in 10 days, The hours, NARC, Paper Moon.

·         Translations of movies: Indiana Jones (subtitles for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The last Crusade)


·         Renault-Samsung: large technical automotive translation;

·         GMC 2002 models presentations;

·         Volvo trucks


Disney Holyday Guide (Orlando); Chemical MSDS; Staff annual evaluation guidelines; Paris airports CDG renovation/expansion tender (architecture); Aetna Global medical insurance web pages; art book on surrealist painter. University of Liège, Belgium Industrial Psychology(PowerPoint); French tax filing: Visiteurs de la Commission européenne ou la Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes:\ ; JOB DEFINITION




 (FR<=>EN only): mostly medical (in consult) and legal (in court) interpretations, phone interview/surveys


WHF (World Hemophilia Federation) 3 days simultaneous, Orlando, FL, July 2016; SYNTEC 1 days simultaneous/consecutive top level (CEO) business, NYC 2015;  SYNTEC / PolyChem 1 days simultaneous/consecutive top level (CEO) business meeting, Lenoir, NC (2015); USTDA/Webster Group, Inc. Solar photovoltaic and renewable energy, Moroccan business/gov. delegation to the USA (11 days simultaneous/consecutive, CA, 2014); Mitchell P&C, Amelia island, FL, simultaneous whispering, (2014); Brown, Crump, Vanore & Tierney, LLP sight interpretation/translations for pharmaceutical-related trial material, (2014); Durham County, NC: Family court, (2013). Dr. Raphael Nougier: 3 days consecutive interpretation of auriculo-therapy seminar (2012, 2013, 2014, Johns Hopkins University, Rockville, MD). NC State University employee Diversity Training at in Raleigh (4 days simultaneous, 2013). World Route Association (PIARC): SURF 2012, Norfolk, VA (6 day simultaneous interpretation, 2012). Health Advances: Many phone interviews with Doctors in France and Canada (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). Power Curber: 1 day consecutive (2012). Research Triangle Institute: Delegation from Moroccan gov. 5 days consecutive/simultaneous interpretation (2011). Sealy, inc (5 days interpretation at Sealy headquarters, in Trinity NC, 2011).  Health Advances: Ongoing phone interviews with Doctors in France and Canada (2011-2015). National Analysts: Ongoing phone interviews with Doctors in France and Canada (2011-2015). Family court (Raleigh, NC, consecutive, 2009-2014). Tupperware convention (Orlando, FL, simultaneous 3 days, 2008). Lowe’s executive meeting (at Lowe’s headquarters, Salisbury, NC, simultaneous, 2 days, 2008). Stonewood Insurance (phone interpretation for claim). Tribunal de Première Instance de Papeete, TAHITI – POLYNESIE FRANCAISE, Jean-François REDONNET Vice-président chargé de l’instruction, Aviation crash investigation (2009). AVMA International symposium (simultaneous, Minneapolis, MN, 5 days, 2005).  NC Federal court (trial of sex offender). Wake County Public schools. NC Public defender: 3 day court interpretation, custody trial (partly simultaneous, 2008). US Dept Agriculture: 5 day US Import Risk Analysis Conference for guests from West African countries (Raleigh, NC simultaneous, 2005).  Volvo trucks, dealership meeting (Greensboro, NC, simultaneous). UNC ID and UNC Children Hospital Medical consultations (consecutive). WakeMed Medical consultations. Wake county Special Education Services Special advisory committee (consecutive). Guilford County District Court: civil case (consecutive). Office of the Federal Public Defender: immigration case (consecutive). ADT/Tyco 3 day conference (5 days simultaneous, 2001); Raleigh District Court (NC) & NC Chapter 13 (domestic, bankruptcy) (consecutive); WWF Bushmeat conference (Washington, DC, 3 day simultaneous, 2001). Bridgestone-Firestone tire recall (legal and manufacturing plant on site translations and interpretations, Nashville, TN). Duke University conference on Descartes (3 day simultaneous, 1999). etc.


Phone interviews

Health Advance; National Analysts; Stonewood Insurance (phone interpretation for claim); Voice over: Gorman Rupp;



COMPUTER HARDWARE/SOFTWARE: Windows 10: MS Office 2007, Adobe Acrobat 7.0, Photoshop, SDL-Studio 2014, etc. DSL connection.


Ph.D. Medical College of Virginia, VA Commonwealth University, USA.

MS. Purdue University, School of veterinary medicine. W-Lafayette, IN, USA.

Certificate in Chinese language, Beijing Language Institute, PRC

D.V.M. (Doctor in Veterinary Medicine), Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire, Université de Liège, Belgium.


Carolinas Association of Translators and Interpreters (CATI)

American Translator Association (ATA)

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