Yves Bossut biography, artistic career, and art work

The book about Yves Bossut "Du surréalisme à l'art spiritualisé" (From surrealism to spiritualized art), by Dominique Louis (Lumières Peintes Pub. Brussels, 1989) is available (in French with English translation). 

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A large exhibit took place in Durham, NC, from November 6 to December 24, 1999

A large catalogue "Feminine spiritual beauty" "La femme 100 histoires" (TTI pub., 1999) contains the 30 large canvases presented during the exhibit plus 19 others with text in French by Yves Bossut, translated in English. 

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An exquisit surrealist exhibit took place in Rock Hill, SC from July2 to August 12, 2001

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Véronique Hébert, a visual artist of exquisite refinement and sensitivity

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